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Giuseppe Giacobazzi: confessioni d’estate


Sunday July 19 at 21:00, the splendid evening will be the protagonist in Cervia Giuseppe Giacobazzi: Summer confessions. To keep you company sympathy and irreverence of the TV comedy that has managed to make the most of his art to propose very entertaining theater. The comedian, after over twenty years of career, he decided to open the drawer of memories and tell a bit 'of his private intuitively and exhilarating. A cargo tale of laughter, which will range from "holidays Viagra", the poem for well over two hours of belly laughs.
This is the show of Joseph Giacobazzi: "There are certain summer evenings, when the sky is very blue and a gentle breeze blowing in hot weather, in which you find yourself in the square, chatting with old friends.
You speak of what you have been, of who you are and what you will be.
It is a series of emotions and memories.
Then, you hear the church tower beat the chimes and you realize that you've spent a night in harmony.
Coming home you think back to what you were good, in the simplicity of some CONFESSIONS OF SUMMER. "

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