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Butterfly House Cervia


A holiday in Cervia you can turn even in relaxation and culture and puts everyone agrees. Cervia offers many attractions, tours and excursions for those who over the beach and the sea, want to live the extraordinary adventures. A visit that certainly can not miss in your vacation in Cervia is the Butterfly house.

We refer to a beautiful greenhouse of 500 square meters, where are reproduced vegetation and climate of forests pluviali.La temperature is about 30 degrees and the humidity is about 70% .CC. You for the opportunity to book your vacation hotel press Sedonia and Soave, is seaside hotel in Cervia where familiarity is very hospitable home.

We speak of hotels for families that offer all inclusive package serviceall inclusive and offerte lastminute with children free . And with children you can go to visit Butterfly House Cervia place also of culture and education.

You will see hundreds of butterflies of all kinds, enchanting colors, a unique spectacle not to believe their own eyes, also many cute insects that dance and move in flight passionate all guests, young and old. Not only butterflies await but also tropical plants like banana trees and ficus, various types of shrubs and many other varieties of exotic plants with bright colors and unusual.

Of particular interest and attraction is the presence of carnivorous plants which, as we know, they feed on insects but also do something really extraordinary that help maintain the balance of the ecosystem.

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